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 This coat is called "Just Your Basic Chicken Coat", and is made from the Folkwear Turkish Coat Pattern.  The "chickens" are from Maggie Walker's Country Journal Pattern,  It was shown at the International Fashion Show at the Hague  and a fashion show at the International Quilt Show in Istanbul, Turkey.  It has been juried into several shows in the US and shown at Bernina University in Atlanta.

  There is a Zebra in There Somewhere

I made quilt in a great class with Pat Pauly ( a few months ago.  It is mostly batiks with a few black and white fabrics added to give it a little spark.

As you can probably tell from some of my garments I just love Tigers.  I had my photo taken with one up close and personal at the Tiger Temple in Thailand in late 2008.  What a thrill (Well, maybe not for the Tiger.) The monks  there are famous for taking in Tigers and other orphaned animals. The Tigers are being raised to be friendly to humans.

 I'll Meet You at the Opera


The opera coat is an original pattern inspired by a weaving pattern made by Virginia West. The coat is mainly composed of Seminole patchwork bands, alternating with narrow bands of strips and accented with gold thread.


The matching dress is also an original pattern and Folkwear has similar patterns.  The bodice features Seminole patchwork bands and the skirt is made from various widths of patchwork and Seminole patchwork bands.  This outfit won Best of Show at the Fiesta in Santa Fe Wearable Art Show in 1999.

Commission Garment

I made a smaller version of the Opera garment for an artist living in Santa Fe.  She saw the original in the 1999 Fashion Show at the Fiesta in Santa Fe Wearable Art Show and commissioned one for herself. She is shown here wearing it as a guest at the 2001 Fashion Show in Santa Fe.

This is a jacket of my own design, made from a rayon batik, a crinkled version of the same batik and velveteen.  The back panel is a seminole patchwork strip of batik and velveteen. 

 Its Just a Basic Turquoise Coat

 Here is the Folkwear Turkish Coat again.  This time it's made from a turquoise cotton batik, scrunched all over, stitched all over with row after row of fancy variegated stitched to hold and emphasize the pleats.  Then decorative cords are randomly sewn all over the "fabric" and beads and crystals added for a bit of sparkle.  It is lined in a black cotton with tiny multicolored balls.  The "trim" is composed of several multicolored yarns and made by machine on a hairpin lace loom.  I made it to wear to the reception before the Bernina Fashion Show where one of my garments was entered at the International Quilt Show in Houston in 2007.



Memories of Nepal Quilt

For several years in the 1990's I volunteered for a month or two as an English Teacher at schools in Kathmandu, Nepal.  This quilt is made from batiks which I collected over the years and depicts typical scenes from the Kathmandu Valley and surrounding area.

 I often sell my treasures which I have collected on my foreign trips at local and regional quilt shows.  Here is my booth at the Genesee Valley Quilt Club Show in October, 2006.  On the back wall are embroideries from Vietnam and an elephant embroidery from India.