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Working on the Chicken Coat, Quilting By The Lake, 2003

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Fabulous clothes, just wish you were teaching on this side of the pond!

Denaria in England on January 22, 2007
Great collection. Thanks for sharing.

Gene-E-Bauer on December 30, 2006
Hi! Nice site !!

metformin on December 23, 2006
I saw your beautiful garments at the Magical Threads Quilt Show in Webster last weekend when I was visiting friends in Rochester. I had looked at them on your web pages but it was nice to see them up close. We were in a class together last year at the show in Houston.

Judy Swain on October 10, 2006
Hi Priscilla. I love your web pages. I took a class with you several years ago at Chickadee Fabrics in Liverpool. I was sorry to see that store close.

Susan B on September 22, 2006
Fabulous Quilt're so diversified and talented..can't wait to take one of your classes..the work you do with the children is fantastic and I'm so lucky to see it every work day. Best to you..

Deb Letson on August 27, 2006
Hi Priscilla, I've just met my friend Marjorie and delivered all the buttons I bought this summer at QBL. She was in love with them all over again. I also gave her your business card and told her that you would be returning to Thailand once again. I think she'll probably be in touch herself. Hope you've had a good rest of summer. Alice

Your website looks terrific!

Alice Brody on August 22, 2006
Your work is exquisite. I have followed your endevours since we were in Bernina Club together. I was so pleased to see that you had a web site. (I saw your post on the Creative Machine Newsletter.)

Colleen R. on August 8, 2006
Priscilla, you are one of the most talented and giving people I know. You share your innermost talents as an artist and designer. Thank you for sharing with me. I have grown from your past help in class and present help as my very own private instructor. How lucky can one student get. Keep on traveling and designing. Your work is jewels to the eye!

Wendy Strumwasser on August 4, 2006
Nice site but I thought a couple of your photos could be a bit clearer. Will you be putting up a schedule of your classes?

Joan P. on July 26, 2006
I have made the Country Journal Quilt. Love what you did with it as a coat. Thanks for sharing.

Ginny Trudeau on July 25, 2006
Great site! Love the clothes and the cat quilt.

Sally Webster on July 25, 2006